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The Broker

music: Simon & Garfunkel
lyrics: Christie Rogers
guitar & vocals: Marcus Duskin

On the trade floor stands a broker
Who's a master at the trade
And he's with the biggest brokerage
That trades ten million shares a day
In crude oil, or in forests,
Or in sweatshop factories,
And he can make you rich as Midas
If you just can get a piece

Buy buy buy
Let the others work for you
Buy buy buy
Just watch the numbers on the screen as they go high

Now he's running all around the floor
And sweating in his fear As he screams into a cellphone
That employment's up
That can't be good
If wages start to rise
That will bring inflation
And the end of speculation

Sell sell sell
Keep the workforce lean and mean
Sell sell sell
Blame the hard times on the unions and the greens

And now he's moving capital
All around the world
And he's trading things
You never would imagine
Like water,
And like clean air,
And like molecules and genes,
Till our very lives are traded
All to fund a rich man's schemes

Lies lies lies
They said capital would free us
Lies lies lies
While the brokers take their cut
The planet dies

Lies lies lies Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies Lies lies lies Lies lies lies lies lies lies lies Lies lies lies lies lies