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I Wanna Log Your Land
(to the tune of the Beatles' 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand')

music: The Beatles
lyrics: Jamie Ben-Azay
vocals: Samsara (Susan Appe, Jamie Ben-Azay, Rebecca Anders)
guitar: Marcus Duskin, Casey Connor

Oh yeah I'll tell you somethin I think you'll understand
Cause you don't have an option

I wanna log your land
I wanna log your land
I wanna log your land

Oh please say to me,
you think a clear cut's grand
And please say to me
Make this infertile sand

I'm gonna log your land
Please let me log your land

Cause when I clear cut I feel happy inside
So all you locked-down activists just
Step aside, step aside

They tell me to be sustainable
What about supply and demand
And anyway, it'll grow back,

So let me log your land
I wanna log your land
I'm gonna log your land

And late at night when all the servants are gone
I go out and sit on my redwood deck, alone
That's when I hear her moaning and high-pitched cry
I know she's haunting me that damned butterfly
Butterfly, butterfly!

I won't feel guilty for all the death I've caused
It's just some birds and fishies...oh and a little run-off
I wanna log your land I'm gonna log your land