I Want to Log your Land

Trade That's Free

The Atom

Prison Industry

Acid Rain

I'm Dreaming of a White Work Force

Dangers of the Right

Healthcare Hotel

My Country isn't Free

This Land is OUR Land

I Love My Mine

Live Work, Live Work

You can't Always Grow What You Want

Down in the Schoolyard

Star Spangled Dollar

The Broker

USA Decay home
Play Washington Monopoly!


Live/Work, Live/Work

music: Frank Sinatra
lyrics: Jamie Ben-Azay
vocals: Samsara

Start spreadin the news
You move in 30 days
We want to be a part of it....

Those vagabond hoods are going away
Right through the very heart of it...

We wanna wake up in a city that isn't cheap
And find we're kind of the market
Top of the heap

These rent control blues, are melting away
We'll make a brand new law of it Live/Work, Live/Work lofts

If we can kick you out
The rents will skyrocket
We'll start a new rich town

We want to dine out in a restaurant that serves elites
So property values go up
Top of the hill
View of the Bay
Doorman and all
These white flight blues
Are gone for today
We're gonna make an internet startup with
Live/Work lofts

If we can make it here
We'll make it anywhere It's up to us to clean the streets: