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I Love My Mine

(to the tune of _I Walk the Line_ by Johnny Cash)

music: Johnny Cash
lyrics: Casey Connor
vocals: Casey Connor, Samsara
guitar: Casey Connor

I keep a close watch on this mine of mine.
I keep the army all around it all the time.
I get real angry when those pesky natives whine.
Because it's fine, I love my mine.

I knew who I would be when I was 8 years old.
When I was teased I'd call Captain Plutonio.
Now that Big Mountain ain't so damn big anymore!
Because it's kine, I love my mine.

[Can you dig it?]

Oh sure it may not be the baddest mine you'll see.
It ain't no Freeport McMoRan or Peabody.
It's just my valiant work for all humanity.
Oh, Cyanide! I love my mine.

[Well, I shore do love gravel.]

I find it very, very easy to be rich.
I watch my children playing in my giant ditch.
Oh, they're so cute covered in that leaden grime!
Now they're quarantined. I love my mine.

[You know where babies come from, don't you kids?

Oh give me land, lots of land where I can strip my
where the metal's heavy and consumption's out of
Old St. Peter called but I put him on hold.
Let's drink some wine. I love my mine.

[You can fence me in though, that's all right. I'm
OK with fences.]

I take it with me nearly everywhere I go.
It gets the once-over from all the CEO's.
My golden belt buckle reads 'hi-ho hi-ho'.
I'm the studly kind. I love my mine.

[You know, miners go deeper. That's right baby,
I ain't Bashful.]

I start my day with a bowl of fresh cobalt.
I'll need energy for the OPM assault.
Plus the activists will try to make me halt.
So? I might be fined. I love my mine.

[Eh, these guitar strings gotta come from somewhere
you know!]

My father's father used to farm my barren land.
But all those complicated trees got out of hand.
I blame my mother for my strange fetish for sand.
It's so sublime... I love my mine.

[Mmmmm.... Silicon....]

Soon the globe will be trembling with fright.
My aluminum fist smashing everything in sight.
And I'll be the first on Mars when we run
out of Bauxite.
The Universe will be MINE! I love my mine.
Ingots in line... I love my mine.
Dumb by design... I love my mine.