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Acid Rain
(sung to the tune of 'purple rain)

music: Prince
lyrics: Susan Appe
vocals: Samsara
piano: Casey Connor
electric guitar: Rob Smith

I never meant to cause you any cancer,
or pollute the air you breathe
I only wanted to make alot of money
but now youre blamin my factory for your sickness and the acid rain

acid rain, acid rain,
the EPA will say i'm OK,
just as soon as i pay,
and you're only poor communities of color
so who cares about your acid rain.

I never wanted to get caught with the run-off,
but if you make me pay for a clean-up
I could never make profit again
and it'd be such a shame if your employment had to end.

acid rain, acid rain,
pestices in the drain,
maybe some money'd make it go away,
your lands are only sacred to me if it means a place to dump my chemical drain.

I know, i know your water's contaminated,
do people forgive and start anew?
oh, yes they do,
you say you want clean water, but you don't want to give up your jobs,
I think you better close your eyes,
and drop the lawsuit about the acid rain.

acid rain, acid rain,
I hear your complaint and i feel your pain,
but i'm tellin' you the truth today all the deaths and illness,
have nothin' to do with ... the acid rain.